Project your imagination – 3D Content Mapping for live Environments by, Bernd Zweverink & Lanz Short


Malmö: 12:30
Göteborg: 11:30
Linköping: 12:30
Stockholm: 13:30



Cinema 4D offers very powerful yet easy to use animation and Motion Graphics tools, making it the ideal choice for the previsualization of entertainment and lighting design related projects. Combine the creative power of Cinema 4D with Green Hippo's multi-award winning Media Servers. Move your Cinema 4d 3D generated content into the real world using Hippotizer Media Servers. Manipulate real environments, buildings or generate background scenery with content mapping and projection.

Get an insight into the animation and rendering capabilities of Cinema 4D

Learn how to quickly create 3D content for video projections and how to project the footage accurately using Green Hippo's hard – and software solutions

Bernd Zweverink.jpg

Bernd Zweverink

Bernd Zweverink has been working in the CG industry as a freelancer for over 15 years, with a focus on 3D Visualization. Since 2009, he has been working for MAXON GmbH and is currently responsible for technical presales, demoing pipeline integrations, workflow solutions & more.

Lanz Short.jpg

Lanz Short

As a Senior Product Specialist for Green Hippo, Lanz works closely with both Development and Product teams, integrating new ideas and innovations into Hippotizer Media Servers. Lanz consults with creative teams on the world’s largest projects across TV, Theatre, Theme Parks and Touring. With a background in Post-Production and Video Design, Lanz now specialises in 3D Mapping and content manipulation for Projection and LED using applications such as Cinema4D, Shape And Adobes creative suite.